August 2022 – Quincy Iwai

August’s Contender of the Month is Quincy Iwai. Quincy only recently started at the gym but has quickly made his mark at the gym both socially and athletically. Quincy frequents 2-3 classes a day, and has been are most frequent member for 2 months running. Check out our Q and A with him below.

Q: Why did you decide to start boxing?

A: I started boxing to improve my cardio.

Q: What about Contenders stood out to you?

A: The fact that the trainers want you to improve and help you along the way.

Q: You really moved through the classes and upped your skill level quickly, what was it that kept you going?

A: When I really want to get good at something I tend to try and take things as far as I can.

Q: Is there a mindset or philosophy you follow whether in your daily life or in fitness?

A: Know what you want and stay consistent.

Q: At Contenders, what is your favorite class to take? Why?

A: Sparring is definitely my favorite. It allows me to use the tools I’ve been taught in the other classes.

Q: How has your outlook on boxing changed over time?

A: I am starting to learn that you will never be truly satisfied with your progress. As you improve your expectations become much higher.

author: Contenders Training

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