Boxing & Fitness Training

Come try the signature class that first made us popular. This high energy conditioning class that combines weights, plyometrics, and core training along with heavy bag work makes for an extremely challenging yet fun class. Come in and experience a fitter you.

Our Boxing Fitness & Training Classes


Training Camps

The goal of our Training Camps is to get your heart rate up & keep it up for the whole class. Each weekday class focuses on a different muscle group, while our Saturday class is a full-body circuit workout! This is ideal for those who are looking to add boxing into their fitness regime. Our friendly instructors will help you achieve your fitness goals & our hardworking members will inspire you to become the fittest person that you can be!


Open Gym

Want to work out on your own and hone some of the skills you have learned? Want some guidance from one of our expert boxers and trainers? This is the time set aside for personal training when you can have access to using the heavy bags, free weights, ropes, and other exercise equipment here at Contenders.

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