Membership & Drop-in Options

If you sign up for our monthly membership in the middle of the month, your first month will be prorated. We do not charge additional fees such as initiation fee/cancellation fee. We like to keep our fee structure as simple as possible for our members!

Monthly Membership

    • One class per day.
    • Online registration is mandatory.
    • Credit card information is required for monthly billing purpose.

Drop-in - Pay as You Go

    • Good for one class of your choice.
    • Online registration is mandatory.
    • Expires in 14 days if left unused.

10 Prepaid Classes

    • Good for 10 classes within a 3-month period.
    • Online registration is mandatory.
    • Expires in 6 months if left unused.

Please note that monthly memberships require a minimum of 30 days written notice prior to next billing date (1st of every month) to assure cancellation of automatic payments. If the 30-day cancellation policy is not convenient for you, please opt for one of the drop-in options.

Private Training & Private Group Training

Listed prices are per session, not per person. Discounts are available for the purchases of 6 or 12 of 55-minute sessions.

One on One Training - Pay as You Go (Click Here to Book!)

  • 30 Minutes: $60 + GST

  • 55 Minutes: $95 + GST

One on One Training - Purchase a Package of 6 or 12 Sessions for a Discount (Click Here to Book!)

  • Six 55 Minutes Sessions: $540 +GST

  • Twelve 55 Minutes Sessions: $1,020 +GST

Two Persons & One Trainer

  • 55 Minutes: $120 + GST per Session

Three Persons & One Trainer

  • 55 Minutes: $150 + GST per Session

Small Group / Corporate

  • Single class: $350 + GST

  • 6-week program: $1,200 + GST

Private group classes are designed for 4 to 15 people. Ask us about the discount on the equipment for those who participate in our 6-week program!

One on One Assisted Stretch

  • 30 Minutes: $60 + GST

Do you have any questions or concerns before booking a private training? Please feel free to contact us by filling out the form below. Getting in touch with us through this form does not lock you into any appointments.


Please note that once you have booked a private training appointment, it means that we have reserved time in our schedule exclusively for you. The fee is not refundable or transferrable if you cancel your appointment less than 24 hours before it is scheduled to take place.

Don't forget to bring your boxing equipment!

  • Hand Wraps: $15 + Tax

  • Bag Gloves: $45 + Tax

  • Looking for Contenders’ shirts? Ask us what kinds of shirts we have in stock!


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