Limited Time Offer - 1-Week Trial for $39.99!

Two On-site Classes & a Pair of Boxing Gloves

Don’t let the pandemic stop you from working towards your personal goal! Whether you are an aspiring boxer, a fitness enthusiast, or somebody who is just curious about boxing, we are here to support you.

Rental equipment is not available as a COVID-19 safety measure. However, in order to make the start of your boxing journey easy, we will be giving a pair of boxing gloves ($45 Value) for free to everybody who signs up for our 1-Week Trial in August.


How To Purchase:

After pressing Sign Up you will be re-directed to the Buy Series page, scroll down to TRIAL, select it, and create an account (make sure third party cookies are enabled). This package is available only for those who are brandnew to Contenders. Boxing Fundamentals Class is recommended.

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1-Week Trial: $39.99

Two Classes & A Pair of Boxing Gloves

Limited Time Offer
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