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Please note that we do not take cash or debit card payments. If you would like to purchase memberships, drop-in passes or merchandise items at the gym reception, please bring your credit card. Thank you!

1-Week Intro to Boxing
Unlimited Classes & a Free 30-min. Personal Introductory Session
Bring Your Own Towel!
We strongly recommend that you bring your own equipment, however free equipment rental (Gloves & Hand Wraps) is available during your trial period.
Month to Month
Unlimited Classes
Bring Your Own Gear & Towel!
*Renews automatically on the 1st of every month. If you join in the middle of the month, your first month will be prorated.
1 Month Only
Unlimited Classes
Bring Your Own Gear & Towel!
No automatic monthly renewal
Day Pass
$18 - Limited Time Offer!
Unlimited Daily Class Pass
Bring Your Own Gear & Towel!
10 Drop-in Classes
10 Classes within a 3-month Period
Bring Your Own Gear & Towel!
*Please note that it has an expiry date.
  • All prices listed are subject to applicable taxes.
  • *Credit card to be used for automatic monthly renewal is required for the Month to Month membership option. In order to cancel your membership, please send us an email or fill out a form at the gym, and the cancellation request will come into effect in 30 days. There is no cancellation fee or reactivation fee.

Private & Group Training

Small Group / Corporate

  • $350 plus tax for a single class

  • $1,200 plus tax for a 6-week program

  • Group classes are limited to 20 people. Ask us about the discount on the equipment for those who participate in a 6-week program!

Personal Training

  • 30 minute session – $50-$75 plus tax

  • 55 minute session – $80-$100 plus tax

Assisted Stretch

  • 30 minute session – $50 plus tax

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Looking for Contenders Swag? Order A Start-up Kit.

  • Hand Wraps, T-shirt, & Vinyl Gloves only $60


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