Date: June 14, 2021


Dear Members and Supporters of Contenders,

The day we have been waiting for, for what feels like forever, is finally here! Our high intensity group classes will be back open as of tomorrow, Tuesday June 15th!
Even though there are still some restrictions such as masks at all times, this has been the biggest progress since the first PHO came into effect last November, and words cannot express how excited we are to finally receive this news today.
What’s New
  • Hand Pads classes are back on Monday and Thursday at 6:40PM! Please bring your own hand pads. If you do not own hand pads, we have some pads available for you to purchase, or you can use your gloves as pads.
  • Sparring is back on Tuesday and Friday at 6:40PM! Those who are registered with Boxing BC can spar. Please make sure to forward the confirmation email from Boxing BC to Please do not forget to mold your mouth guard at home before you arrive at the gym.
  • Our signature Training Camps are back at 12:15PM on weekdays as well as at 10:10AM on Saturday! Who missed doing blitz and burpees?! Make sure to bring your water bottle, and maybe a spare mask in case you need to change your mask during the class.
Please have a look at our new schedule here, and let us know if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing you soon!



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