Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of our frequently asked questions.

  • Do I need to be fit to start boxing?

    No. All you need is a commitment to come to the gym regularly. Our classes are designed not only to teach you new boxing skills, but also to help you get in shape.

  • I’m new to boxing—do I have to spar in your beginner level classes?

    There is no sparring in our beginner or intermediate level classes. Sparring is only for members who wish to participate in our sparring sessions and have medical clearance.

  • What should I bring to class?

    Please bring runners, regular gym clothes as well as boxing gloves and hand wraps to every class. During your trial, we will lend you gloves and wraps. We supply filtered water, clean towels, showers and day lockers.

  • I’ve boxed before—can I start with Intermediate Boxing Class?

    We recommend that you take a few Boxing Fundamentals or Beginner Boxing classes before you start taking our advanced level classes. It’s better for you to be familiar with the way we structure our classes and to understand our training “language.”

  • Can I come in between classes and hit the bags?

    Unfortunately no, because we hold private/corporate classes and personal training sessions when we do not have regular classes. But if you’d like to work out on your own, please take advantage of our open gym hours.

  • Do I get to work on my legs in your boxing classes?

    Absolutely, boxing is not just about upper body strength. Our classes provide whole body workouts. The goal is to help runners, cyclists, team sports players, and other athletes improve their performance.

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