February 2019 – Steve Brown

Our February Member of the Month is Steve Brown, a dedicated member of our 6 a.m. team!

Steve came to all the morning classes in January, and he cites his fellow morning boxers as his inspiration. “It’s the people that inspire me to keep coming to class. Everybody is very friendly with no egos. No matter what level anybody is at, it’s easy to get a sweat on. The hardest thing is getting out of bed, but once I’m out of bed I know I will go.”

Was it worth all that early a.m. discipline? Steve thinks so! “When I go to a class in the morning nothing seems to bother me for the rest of the day. It seems I can make business decisions easier. I think it’s better to have a hard workout in the morning and a lousy day at work, than it is to have a good day at work, and then a lousy workout that night.”

Steve’s favourite class of the week is the Friday class, known for the long combos. “Previously I would come and just do the work out and not think, just do. But as I come more, I realize I have to think a lot more than I thought to make progress, and Friday is a prime example.”

After his morning workouts, Steve works as an installer and lineman for TELUS, and has for the past 20 years. In his free time he likes to play his guitars, and cook. He’s also a big hockey fan, and loves to watch and play the game.

What advice does he have for anyone considering boxing at Contenders? “Come to a morning class and enjoy the endorphin rush you get throughout the rest of the day.”

Great work Steve! Keep it up!

author: Contenders Training

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