February 2020 – Karin Binder

Our February 2020 Contender of the Month is Karin Binder! She’s been training with us for three years, and we couldn’t be happier about it. Her regular class is our Lunch Time Training Camp, where she braves the torments of Kevin, Richard, and Yo. Karin is as friendly and supportive as she is tough and disciplined, so that’s saying something! Congratulations Karen!

What made you want to start boxing? I wanted to change up my fitness routine.

Which is your favorite class at Contenders, and what do you like about the class? Each class has its own charm. What I like best is the social aspect of the classes. Contenders offers a fun and motivating environment.

What is your boxing/fitness goal? Get back in shape and find a race that inspires me.

What is your weakness with boxing/fitness you would like to improve? I’m terribly uncoordinated and have poor balance so that would be something to improve on.

Who is your favorite boxer (pro-boxer, your fellow member, anybody!) and what do you like about him/her? Kevin. Because he’ll be doing my burpees for me. (We’re considering a new tradition that the COTM can have a staff member do burpees, Implementation is pending).

What do you like to do in your free time other than boxing? Mountain biking, trail running.

What is your advice for people who are thinking of starting boxing at Contenders? Do it.

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