January 2019 – Shivam Arora

Our Member of The Month for January 2019 is Shivam Arora. Shivam joined Contenders 2.5 years ago when he just moved from Toronto, and was looking for something new and challenging. “Boxing always appealed to me because of the power and agility that boxers have to have, so I just googled it, and Contenders was at the top list! So many great reviews.”

Shivam tries to attend a class every day, and “twice a day when Yo bugs me.” He comes to our lunch time classes as well as the evening classes. “All of the classes are really great. I go to all of the classes because each class helps improve a different part of me– Sebastien’s class has taught me a lot of great boxing techniques; Yo, Kevin, and Richard’s classes have upped my strength and stamina. I also like that all of the trainers at Contenders push you to take your workout to the next level.”

As to the positive results he has seen in himself from doing boxing, Shivam says “I’ve seen a lot of positive results after just half a year of consistent training. I’m leaner, stronger, faster, and I’m more confident with my movements while boxing. But the most obvious result? I’ve lost 95% of my beer belly!!”

Shivam’s goal is to start sparring in February, and he has been getting ready for it “by working on my boxing technique, building up my strength, learning how to move faster, and getting lighter on my feet.”

When asked what inspires him to continue training, Shivam said “the fitness that I’ve achieved so far keeps me motivated to continue training. I don’t want to lose all of the progress that I’ve made.”

Shivam works for a data software company as a Technical Account Manager. In his free time, he enjoys reading, watching Netflix, playing guitar and snowboarding.

To the people who are thinking of starting boxing at Contenders, he says “just do it! Consistency is key. Once training is part of your daily routine, it becomes much easier to reach the level of fitness you want.”

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