January 2021 – David McWhinnie

Our Contender of The Month for January is David McWhinnie. He has been a big supporter of Contenders for years (thank you, Dave!), and always works hard no matter which class he ends up attending in his busy schedule as a lawyer and a father to three young children. He has fought at the events we used to host called White Collar Fight Night where he proved his skill and his passion for boxing! Here is the Q & A with Dave.

Q: How long have you been training at Contenders?
A: I have been training at Contenders for over 15 years now and am glad, after all that time, to have finally achieved the status of Contender of the Month. I first joined Contenders when I was 12. (!!!)

Q: Had you done boxing prior to joining Contenders, and what made you want to join us?
A: I have been a fan of the ‘sweet science’ since I was a kid. I boxed some when I was in undergrad in Calgary, and after I moved to Vancouver, I was pleased to discover that this city has a decent boxing culture. I started looking for a club after graduating law school; don’t tell, but Contenders was the third gym that I tried – it is definitely the best, however.

Q: Which is the class you miss the most, and you are looking forward to coming to when we resume our group classes?
A: Sparring! And, oddly, hand pads.

Q: What do you like about doing boxing?
A: Boxing literally goes back thousands of years. It has lasted so long, I think, because there is a fundamental honesty to the sport – perhaps not always in the way it is judged, but rather in the way that it tests courage, skill, and endurance to an extent that few other sports can match. Plus, it is great to watch and a heck of a lot of fun to do!

Q: What is your goal with boxing/fitness?
A: 2021 McWhinnie wants to be able to kick 2020 McWhinnie’s ass; 2020 McWhinnie wanted to be able to kick 2019 McWhinnie’s ass; and so on. You get the idea.

Q: What is your weakness with boxing/fitness you would like to work on to improve?
A: I asked my eldest daughter. She said: “Your weakness is your face!” So I’ll go with that.

Q: What inspires you to keep coming to the gym?
A: The disrespect of 2020 McWhinnie (see answer 5 above). That and the enjoyment and rejuvenation that I get from training: boxing is my meditation.

Q: What is your occupation, and what do you like to do in your free time?
A: Lawyer, but I probably have some redeeming features. I get free time?

Q: What is your advice for people who are thinking of joining Contenders?
A: Do it already. Be patient and build your fundamentals (you won’t become Sugar Ray overnight), but also have fun.

Q: Any stories/comments you would like to share with others?
A: A recommendation: if you have not done so already, read “Ahab and Nemesis” by A.J. Liebling about the Marciano v. Moore fight. One of the best pieces of boxing writing ever.

author: Contenders Training

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