July 2016 – Franco Perucho

Our Member of The Month for July 2016 is Franco Perucho. Franco joined Contenders in June last year with a main goal of getting back in shape, and an interest in learning more about boxing. Since then with his hard work, humble attitude and willingness to learn, Franco has made a great progress in both his fitness and boxing. “I’ve fallen in love with boxing, and it has become less about staying fit and more about becoming a better boxer”, he says. His love for the sport is shown by the fact that he has brought some of his friends in for 2-Week Trials, and one of them has mentioned how Franco was enthusiastic about boxing, and encouraging him to try out the classes at Contenders.

Franco’s favorite class at Contenders is Boxing and Beginner Boxing Classes for the “good mix of technique and conditioning” they offer. As the positive changes he has seen in himself since he started boxing, he says “when I first started I was pretty nervous and didn’t know what to expect. As I continued to attend classes, I slowly built confidence and this increased confidence has positively affected other aspects of my life, forcing me to push myself both inside and outside of the gym.” He says that his goal is to get better at sparring, and “maybe fight one day”.

Other than boxing, Franco enjoys playing basketball, listening to music, snowboarding and playing guitar in his free time. As his advice for those who are thinking of starting boxing, he says “boxing can be an intimidating sport, so if you’re thinking of trying it out, feeling nervous is inevitable. I know I felt that way my first day in the gym. Luckily, the trainers at Contenders are so knowledgeable and they do a tremendous job of making you feel comfortable regardless of your skill level. Whether you’re hoping to get fit or to become a better fighter, just make sure you push and believe in yourself every class. One day you’ll notice how much progress you’ve made and that’s an incredible feeling.”

We are very proud of Franco for the hard work he has put into his training. Good work, Franco! You deserve this recognition!

author: Contenders Training

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