July 2017 – Louis Lay

Our Member of The Month for July 2017 is Louis Lay. Louis joined Contenders in February this year with no previous boxing experience, and has been training consistently (twice a day sometimes) since then. Louis makes a great Member of The Month because he tries his best in every class he attends without taking it too seriously, and he is also friendly and respectful to his fellow members.

Louise wanted to learn the sport of boxing, and after hearing about Contenders from his friend Shaun (aka Heat Stroke), Louis decided to join Contenders with him. His favourite classes are the Training Camps, especially on Wednesday and Thursday, for their fast-paced and challenging workouts which allow him to keep pushing himself.

His original goal was to get back in shape after having nice Christmas holidays, but we are sure that he has achieved this goal already! His weakness he is working on to improve is his defense.

As to the inspiration for his training, Louise said “everyone at Contenders inspires me to work hard…. It’s great! Everyone pushes each other and we are all there to get the best workout possible.” To those who are thinking of starting boxing, he says “do it! Everyone is so friendly and supportive, there should be no hesitation whatsoever!”

When he is not doing boxing, Louis plays soccer and enjoys photography in his free time.

Congratulations, Louis! Your hard work does not go unnoticed!

author: Contenders Training

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