July 2022 – Gisella Prado

July’s Contender of the Month is Gisella Prado. Gisella has been a member with Contenders for the past few years, and has been continuous in her training throughout. Check out our Q and A with her below.

Q: What do you enjoy doing besides boxing?

A: Hiking, sports in water (swimming, sailing, diving), meeting friends, wine!

Q: What was your motivation to get into boxing?

A: It’s fun! I can punch all my stress and problems out! Hahahahaha

Q: What is your favourite class and why?

A: So far, I love all classes, I like it as every teacher has his own style. It’s never boring 🙂

Q: What is a goal (boxing or something else) you are currently working to achieve?

A: Lose weight (since I started, I lost more than 35 pounds, and I still would to lose more 12), get in shape

Q: Who/what inspires you?

A: Keep learning! As Albert Einstein once said, “The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know.” Knowledge is infinite, and the quests inside you are also infinite.


author: Contenders Training

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