July 2023 – Ciaran Delaney

Ciaran Delaney is the type of guy people think of when they use the saying “I could be neighbours with him” – meaning he is easy to be around but also going to leave you with memorable moments, and he is no different with his attitude in the gym. Ciaran is hard working, welcoming, and it’s members like him that continue to bring in the community we have at Contenders. Check out our Q&A with him below.

Q: What has your history been like with sports/athleticism? 

A: I’ve tried a little bit of everything but never been consistent with anything.

Q: Tell us about how you began coming to Contenders, and why you started boxing?

A: After the first lockdown during Covid I had gotten very unfit and wanted to try something new where I could get fit, meet new people and learn a new skill  at the same time !

Q: What is your favourite thing about being a Contender? 

A: The people are amazing! Everyone from the contenders and the trainers have always been extremely friendly, supportive and helpful. I also love the feeling of being exhausted after every class knowing I’ve spent all my energy.

Q: What challenges do you face in boxing, and how do you work through them?

A: It can be daunting trying to move into the more advanced classes and learn new techniques but you just have to take it one step at a time and practice every time I’m in the gym.

Q: What is your favourite class to take?

A: Advanced Boxing

Q: How has staying active helped you out in other areas of your life?

A: It has taught me to be patient with myself while trying to learn new things. I’m more productive in work and my social life.

Q: What is an achievement you’re proud of?

A: Moving to Canada from Ireland not knowing anyone and still being here 4 years later and thriving !

Q: Besides boxing, what else do you like to do?

A: Soccer, Hiking, Chilling on the Beach, Cycling, Hanging out with friends, Going for beers !

Q: …And lastly, tell us something people would be surprised to learn about you?

A: I’ve never broken a bone in my body ! (Hopefully I haven’t jinxed myself)

author: Contenders Training

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