June 2016 – Adam Kozachuk

Our Member of The Month for June 2016 is Adam Kozachuk who has been training at Contenders for a year and half. He comes to different kinds of classes, which has helped him improve both his fitness and boxing.

Prior to joining Contenders, Adam had boxed in his hometown of Winnipeg. “I trained with a friend at the United Boxing Club who was also a member of the Canada’s National Amateur Team. When I had moved to Vancouver, he had recommended that I check out a class at Contenders and I’ve been hooked ever since!”

Adam enjoys boxing because it helps him relieve stress. “I also enjoy the different techniques required to become great at boxing, which drives me to accomplish more.” His most favorite class at Contenders is Hand Pads Class with Kevin. “He’s a great instructor. Gaining insight on his experiences as a seasoned boxer while working on new techniques keeps the class really exciting!”

As to the positive changes he has experienced from doing boxing, Adam says that his core strength has definitely improved. “Boxing is such an intensive, full body workout, strengthening muscles that you don’t normally get to train if you just lift weights or run. I’ve noticed a big change in my body – I can actually see my abs (I haven’t had abs since I was 9 years old)!” His goal is to “never stop training”, and he would also like to start sparring more and gain more confidence in his boxing skills.

When asked what inspires him to keep training and training hard, Adam said “At  6’4 and only 165 pounds in high school, I earned the nickname “Stretch”. Since then, I’ve put on 40 pounds of “pure” muscle and no one has called me that name since.”

Adam is a Program Coordinator in the Meetings & Conventions Department at Tourism Vancouver. He also works part-time job at the Vancouver Canucks as a Premium Client Concierge. In his free time he enjoys playing basketball every Wednesday evening. He also enjoys the outdoors and hiking.

As his advice to those who are thinking of starting boxing, Adam says “it never gets easier! The more in shape you get the more intense you can work out!”

Congratulation, Adam, for all the hard work you have put in the training and progress you have made. Keep up the great work!

author: Contenders Training

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