June 2022 – Chanel Chow

June’s Contender of the Month is Chanel Chow. Chanel is a highly accomplished athlete, and has been boxing with Contenders for 2 years now.

Chanel has quite the athletic resume having practiced competitive swimming, floor hockey, and having played woman’s top division soccer. Her last job was even with FC Barcelona, so safe to say she likes to be around sports. She’s even met David Beckham 3 times!

Chanel makes the perfect Contender of the Month as she is not only a dedicated boxer but has the ability to put anyone at ease with her welcoming and easy going nature. It is incredibly impressive how after class she often goes to play soccer with a co-ed team.

A fun fact about Chanel is that she always has to put her left sock on first.

author: Contenders Training

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