March 2021 – Dante Montoya

Our Contender of The Month for March 2021 is Dante Montoya who has been training at Contenders since 2017. He says that over the course of time there were some ups and downs for him, but he is now 100% focused on his training, which we can clearly see and are impressed by for the last several months. He is funny, polite, often late for classes (!!), and well-liked by those who know him.

Dante started boxing in Mexico when his best friend introduced him to the sport in 2015. When he moved to Vancouver, he found a gym and trained there for a month. He felt that the facility was good, but the training was not so much, and decided to switch to Contenders the following month. He likes not only the facility of Contenders, but also the “knowledgeable and easygoing coaches” who are here to help him, which he finds most important.

Dante says that he enjoys all the classes at Contenders because “every class has a purpose” and he is learning from every class. He feels that boxing teaches him how to attack and defend in artistic ways, and he likes doing it because it makes it fun and interesting to stay active while learning new skills and combinations.

Dante’s goal is to get his weight down to 164lbs, achieve better conditioning and have the first amateur fight in Canada. We are confident that with his focus and hard work, he will achieve his goals, and cannot wait to see him in the ring!

For those who are thinking of joining Contenders, Dante says “try it. You’ll love it. You will have fun, learn new things and relieve the stress. The coaches are here to help you.”

author: Contenders Training

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