March 2022 – Judy Shih

Our March 2022 Contender of the month is Judy Shih. Judy has been coming to Contenders for 15 years and has been a consistent member in our lunch time classes. She’s also a proud dog spa owner and avid traveler.

Check out our Q and A with her below.

Q: What do you enjoy doing besides boxing?

A: I love to play golf, play poker and to watch American football. Go saints!

Q: How long have you been boxing?

A: Had my very first boxing lesson with Kevin about 15 years ago… took a pretty long break in between and then came back in November last year and realized how much I missed it.

Q: What is your favourite class and why?

A:The Noon class has always been my go to. It’s always different and so darn challenging. Nothing like a “nooner”

Q: What is a goal (boxing or something else) you are currently working to achieve?

A: I’d love to one day not have to suck it in! One day when I can wear a crop top, that’s all I am going to wear. Even in -50 weather

Q: Who inspires you?

A: – this sounds sappy but true. The noon hour members! Everyone is in amazing shape and I don’t want to be the “wimpy” one.

author: Contenders Training

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