May 2017 – Felipe Gomez

The member of the month for May of 2017 is Felipe Gomez, who has been boxing at Contenders for just over one year.

“I joined in March 2016” says Felipe, “I practiced different sports before, but never boxing and I wanted to give it a try. After the two week trial, I decided to join, and it has been a great experience.”

Felipe comes to 5 or 6 classes a week, and says that he finds it to be a great way to “disconnect from the daily routine, relieve stress, meet people, and get in to shape. My favourite classes are the training camps, because you learn technique, and the trainers really challenge you.”

He says that his next goal in boxing is to improve his technique, his defense, and to get in to sparring. “To get better at boxing is what inspires me to train.”

He is a financial advisor at Deloitte, and in his spare time he enjoys running, biking, cooking, and kite surfing. He closes by saying “give it a try! Start with the two-week trial, and keep training until you reach your goal.”

author: Contenders Training

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