May 2021 – Monique Lizardo

Our Contender of The Month for May 2021 is Monique Lizardo.


First of all, big congratulations to Monique for finishing her master’s degree in architecture this month! What a big accomplishment!


Monique has been training at Contenders on and off since July 2016. When she is at the gym, she is not messing around. She is focused, and she is always working hard. When asked what she likes about doing boxing, Monique said “The sounds! I love hearing the bass and snap of the bag being hit, the breaths and grunting, and the whizz from skipping rope.” Monique also shared “my dad used to box, and a lot of his side of the family do combat sports, so boxing definitely makes me feel connected to my family.” How cool is that!!


Even during the time like now when many people are struggling to stay focused and motivated to continue training due to the COVID restrictions, Monique finds inspiration in other members and tries to train consistently. “Being in isolation can be lonely at times so it’s great being able to see everyone in a safe manner and to get in a workout too.”  When things are back to normal, Monique is looking forward to attending multiple classes back to back in the evening.


In her free time, Monique enjoys going for jogs/walks along the seawall. “I usually bring a mango or a passionfruit with me. My favourite spot to snack is by the ledge near Siwash Rock.”


Congratulations Monique for finishing school and becoming the Contender of The Month in the same month! Your hard work inspires us, and you definitely deserve this recognition!

author: Contenders Training

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