May 2023 – David Klohn

David has been coming to our gym for many years. In that time he has always been hardworking, timely to a T, and a good conversationalist. Pro tip if you need some good film and TV recommendations David’s your guy. Check out our Q & A with him below.

Q: How did you begin coming to Contenders, and what made you want to start boxing?

A:  Several years ago, my wife bought me the introductory package as a Christmas present.  I always wanted to learn how to box, but never had the time, opportunity – or found the right instruction.

Q: What is your favourite class to take?

A:  Currently, the fundamentals class.

Q: What advice would you give to someone just beginning their boxing journey?

A:  Stick with it.  It’s not easy to learn, but your dedication will be rewarded.

Q: What has been your biggest take away from this sport?

A:  Too much to list, really.

Q: What challenges do you face in boxing, and how do you work through them?

A: Working on technique; moving correctly and efficiently.  Stay with the process, and practice, practice, practice.

Q: What is your favourite thing about the community/teaching environment at Contenders?

A: The always-excellent coaching and curriculum, and the always-inspiring encouragement from Kevin, Sebastian, Max and Geoff.


author: Contenders Training

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