February 2015 – Alon Mizrahi

Member of The Month for February is Alon Mizrahi who has been training at Contenders for 2 years. Alon comes regularly to our noon classes, and sometimes to our evening classes which has made him an all-around boxer with great fitness and good understanding of boxing basics.

Alon’s favorite classes are Tuesday Core Training and Wednesday Upper Body Training. He also enjoys Boxing Class on Friday evening, for which he says “I look forward to it all week. It is fun to put some of the skills you learn in other classes in action and punch your good friends in the face at the same time.”

Alon joined Contenders because he always wanted to learn a physical sport. And since he started boxing, he finds that his physical conditioning has increased significantly. He was also surprised at how much boxing increased his mental stamina. “The classes really push you to realize that what you perceive as your physical limitations are not necessarily so and that you can always find more to give. The classes are never static and the challenge is always there. I also have to say that the instructors really make the experience more enjoyable. Their passion for boxing always shows.”

Alon’s goal is to come to as many classes as his schedule allows for, and to improve his footwork and sparring skills. He says that legs have been the least favorite muscle groups to exercise, and as his new year’s resolution, he is trying to change that by coming to the Monday Lower Body Training.

When asked who inspires him to train hard, Alon’s answer was Trevor Linden (and Sebastian!). “There are several people who inspire me to train over the years. However, I do not believe I have admired any athlete more than Trevor Linden. I know he was not much of fighter in the game of hockey, but his work ethic, commitment to exercise, and over health is top notch.”

Alon works as a lawyer, and also dedicates his spare time working on a charity project he is a part of which seeks to increase exposure to the practice of law for high school students who live in neighborhoods that are traditionally underrepresented in law.

Prior to joining Contenders, Alon played tennis, surfed occasionally, ran half-marathons, and weight lifted routinely. However, since he joined Contenders, he stopped all these exercises “because I found that nothing I did equaled the kind of workout I got at the club.” In his free time, Alon enjoys “cooking, drinking craft brews with pals, and spending time with my lady and our Boston terrier”.

As his advice to those who are thinking of starting boxing, Alon says “do it! I tell all my friends how rewarding the experience at Contenders is. I have convinced a few of them to join. The staff are all great people who want to see you succeed.

author: Contenders Training

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