July 2015 – Charlie Zhao

We were hoping to feature one of our former members, Charley Zhao, as our Member of The Month for July; however we were unable to get a hold of him unfortunately.

Charley joined Contenders in March 2014, and trained daily to get in shape as well as to improve his boxing. He came to the gym always with a very positive attitude, and put 100% effort into every single training session. He has made a lot of friends at the gym, and everybody liked him for his funny and kind personality. He used to tell us how happy he felt whenever he was at the gym, and Contenders was his favorite place to be at.

Charley has lost over 30lbs since he started boxing. This year he also tried sparring to put his skills into practice in the ring. We were proud to see Charley challenging himself and tackling any challenges to the best of his ability.

Charley had to move back to China in June for work. We miss him dearly, and we hope that he has found a boxing gym and he is keeping up his training.

author: Contenders Training

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