October 2016 – Ed Chu

Our Member of The Month for October 2016 is Ed Chu. Ed became a member of Contenders when his friend Andrew convinced Ed to join with him. Since then he has been consistently training by attending 3 to 4 classes a week, and also brought some of his friends to join as well.

Ed’s favorite class at Contenders is the Conditioning Training Camp on Tuesday evening because he finds it very challenging. When we asked what he likes about doing boxing, and if there have been any positive changes he has seen in himself since he started boxing, Ed said “it’s part of my zombie apocalypse training. If I need to kill zombies/steal from the weak I need to be ready. I feel I’m ready.” (which we took as “I have become fitter and stronger.” ) Ed says that his goal in boxing/fitness is to be able to do a handstand and walk on his hands, and his weakness he is working on to improve is his footwork.

His inspiration to keep training hard is his rivalry with his friend and also a member of Contenders, David Sikma (Member of The Month for May 2014). “I refuse to let him be fitter/stronger than me. Also, Wreck Beach. Gotta look good naked!”

Ed is a TV news writer/researcher. In his free time Ed enjoys eating Thai food. His favorite boxer is GGG.

As his advice for those who are thinking of joining Contenders, Ed says “DO IT! It’s fun and challenging and you learn valuable punching skills!” He also says “everyone at Contenders is amazingly friendly and helpful and there are no meatheads among staff or members.”

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