November 2022 – Mike Jensen

November’s Contender of the Month is Mike Jensen. Mike has been a member with us for a year and has continuously been one of our top attendants, and continuously brings in a friendly and can-do attitude. When he’s not boxing, Mike likes to spend his time on the golf course. Check out our Q and A with him below.

Q: Why did you start boxing?

A: I was really inactive during the first part of the pandemic and was looking for something new/different to get back in shape. My partner thought I might really like boxing, and was she ever right!

Q: What was your skill level when you started at Contenders compared to now?

A: On a scale of 1-10, I started at zero and am now maybe 1.5 . That is a big part of what I am really enjoying about this sport – it provides for a never-ending learning journey.

Q: How do you stay consistent with your practice?

A: I love challenging myself, and each class provides so many opportunities to learn and grow, so I try to squeeze as many classes into my busy schedule as possible.

Q: What is your favourite thing about being a Contender?

A: The environment/atmosphere – it has a fun club feel to it. Everyone attending classes are really friendly, and the trainers are awesome. While boxing is an individual sport, the comradery is great, providing a similar vibe to what you get from team sports.

Q: What advice would you give to someone just beginning their boxing journey?

A: Immerse yourself in it, taking as many classes (including different types) as possible. There is a lot of variety between the different classes (and trainers), so this will give you the opportunity to find what you really enjoy.

Q: What has been your biggest take away from this sport?

A: While I thought boxing would be really technical and require great conditioning, it has definitely surpassed my expectations on both fronts.

Q: Do you have any specific goals you’re working towards in boxing, or in life?

A: While it may sound a bit cliché, I try to look at each day as an opportunity to be a bit better than the previous (in all aspects of life).

Q: …And lastly, tell us something people would be surprised to learn about you?

A: One of my favourite things about November is the Hallmark Countdown to Christmas movies. Where else can you see so many actors from the 80s and 90s show up out of nowhere and spread holiday cheer XD!

author: Contenders Training

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