October 2018 – Aline Mello

Our Member of The Month for October 2018 is Aline Mello. Even though she has started school recently which requires 10 hours of studying every day and makes it difficult for her to attend her favourite lunch time classes, she still tries to get her daily workout in by coming to the gym in the morning or in the evening.

Aline had never done boxing previously, but decided to join Contenders in December last year as she wanted to find something new to help her stay in shape other than just training alone at a regular gym. Her favourite classes at Contenders are the lunch time classes for their shorter and fast paced workouts, which she finds perfect for those who live or work nearby. She also enjoys the 6AM classes as they have “a calmer and more technical atmosphere, but they are also great workout and great way to start the day”.
Since she started boxing, Aline says she has lost some extra weight, gained more energy & confidence, and reduced her stress level. Her goal is to be able to continue practicing boxing regardless of the age or the stage of life she is at, to be healthier, and to have fun.

As to her motivation for her training, Aline says “the trainers motivate each and every class (they are the best!), and so do the members. They are a very good group of people. Some of them have been attending the classes for over 10 years. There are also new members always joining, and everyone is super friendly.”

In her free time, Aline enjoys reading, watching movies, playing guitar and weight-lifting.

Aline would like to encourage anybody who is thinking of joining Contenders to go for it. “Please do it!! So much fun! No matter which level you are at, you will benefit from it.”

author: Contenders Training

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