October 2022 – Naotaka Ozawa

October’s Contender of the Month is Nao Ozawa. Nao began at the gym with us after moving to Vancouver from Japan to learn English. He has become our most frequent member and says his motivation to keep doing it is having fun.

He particularly loves taking the advanced classes where he can explore a more defensive style of learning, while also finding trust in his teammates due to the high intensity environment.

Nao has found boxing is not about being dangerous, but is rather a community who has an appreciation for the art of the sport and teamwork behind it.

Contender’s is Nao’s studio of choice because the staff and members are friendly, the gym’s in a great location, and the teachings are specific and cater to all levels of english. He says anyone that want to have fun should join.

Outside of boxing, Nao has enjoyed visiting Whistler, and loves to watch The Walking Dead which has also helped him to learn his english.

author: Contenders Training

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