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Ryan Lee – December 2023

Ryan Lee is making history as the first person to be Contender of the Month twice! You can read about his first time getting the title here. We chose to give Ryan this title again given his overall involvement in the club and our community throughout the years, the example he sets for others, and his incredible work ethic. Did you know he sticks around after every boxing class to also do an hour long workout in the gym facilities we have.

Q: How long have you been at Contenders now?

A: Since 2017.

Q: What has been your key take away from being a part of the gym both in class and within the community of Contenders?

A: Contenders has a very generous community, whether it be through the charity events, or the time spent helping one another.

Q: Now, you’ve always been very welcoming to new members and offer to partner with new people despite being a pretty advanced boxer yourself. Of course, we love to see our members do this, but why is this important to you, and what could other members learn from doing this?

A: You never outgrow practicing fundamentals. I’ve also found that you learn a lot from slowing down and by being able to (or at least trying to) explain mechanics in an understandable way. I’ve spent a bit of time cornering and I feel like working on this skill has helped broaden my own understanding of the sport.

Q: When did your boxing journey begin and how has it changed over the years? What are you trying to achieve still in the sport?

A: My first fight was at 140lbs, I’ve since fought at 147, 155, and now 160lbs. I’m slowly making my way up to heavy weight.

Q: You recently came out of retirement for a last minute fight and won. Do you plan to do any more fights in the new year? Why or why not?

A: No plans to fight again. I’ve never been a great competitor; I enjoy challenging myself, but I’ve never been great at trying to win. Last year I was fortunate enough to get a chance to test myself against some of the best boxers in the province, either through fights or through spars. That was enough for me.

Q: How do you stay consistent and motivated with your practice?

A: I’ve just been trying to outwork my diet…it has largely been unsuccessful.

Q: And if you could share a few words about the coaching/coaches at Contenders, and how it’s been training under them?

A: I have a lot of trust in the coaches at Contenders. I trust them to push me to work hard in training, to challenge myself; but to also be honest and protect me if needed. I believe that is the ideal when training and competing and I am very thankful to have them in my corner.

Q: …And lastly, tell us how it feels to make Contenders history?

A: I am feel. I am very feel.

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