September 2017 – Amelie Langlois

Our Member of The Month for September 2017 is Amelie Langlois. Amelie started boxing about a year ago to learn how to better defend herself.

As to what she likes about doing boxing, she says “I come from a competitive gaming background, so I enjoy the strategy of boxing, and how every opponent needs a different approach. It also pulled me out of depression, and gave me the confidence to challenge myself in other areas of life.”

Amelie likes Beginner Sparring on Friday as she gets to apply what she has learned, and to improve her ability to think clearly under pressure “even if my face hurts afterward.” She also enjoys Intermediate Boxing Classes on Monday and Wednesday for the combination of conditioning and practical skill development, and Beginner Sparring Drills on Tuesday for its technical focus.

Her goal in boxing is to “one day be good enough to win an amateur fight” As to her weakness she is working on to improve, she says “I’d like to improve my ability to capitalize on patterns in my opponent’s behavior, which is hard to do when I’m being punched in the face. Otherwise, I want to improve my head movement in sparring, and always make sure that I’m light on my feet.”

When asked what/who inspires her to keep training, Amelie says “the only thing that keeps me boxing is myself, and seeing the improvements that I’ve made over time. That being said, watching people with really slick movement like Sebastian, Max, Johnny, and Santiago, is really inspiring, and I hope to one day be that fast.”

Her advice for those who are thinking of starting boxing is “everyone should learn how to fight, so do it for yourself – no one else – and never stop. Even if you just feel like melting into the couch, come to class anyway, because by the time you’re done, you’ll feel awesome.”

In her free time Amelie likes to write scary stories, watch scary movies and read scary books. She also plays “an unhealthy amount of videogames”, and a bit of guitar. She is in the last year of film studies at UBS, and would like to become a writer. She has just finished writing a book that she would like to try to get published.

Congratulations, Amelie! Keep up the great work!

author: Contenders Training

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