Client Testimonials

"When I started training at Contenders I was 48 and figured that my athletic days were far behind me. Little did I realize that some of my best years were still ahead of me. I have teenage sons and I can do things with them—running, tennis, Frisbee on the beach—without any strain and without Advil or a visit to the physiotherapist afterwards." "You feel better, you think more clearly, and your outlook becomes more positive. Kevin Reynolds will tell you that he thinks Contenders is about instilling confidence. I think he’s right.”

Bruce ‘King Kong’ MacDonald

"Boxing has given me the best results...I feel the most toned that I’ve ever been and I’ve seen significant improvements in my cardio strength."

Suzanne McIvor

"I challenge anyone to get a workout as good as with the trainers at CONTENDERS GYM. I have greatly increased my fitness level, lost 4 inches off my waist, lost 14 pounds and all my blood test results have improved dramatically. Thank you CONTENDERS!!"

Amar Manuel

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