Max Montesi




With over 10 years of experience boxing at Contenders, Max is one of our most long-standing members. Max always encourages our members to keep an open mind about learning new skills, whether that’s in a Boxing Fundamentals class or in a Sparring class. Assisting and teaching classes has also provided Max with a medium for him to continually learn from his peers at Contenders. His dedication to continually improving his technique has led him to be a go-to person for any boxing-related questions. Max uses his experience to help our members develop their skills so they can become more confident boxers.

What is the passion that drives you at Contenders?

Coaching and seeing members develop their skills. When someone has an ‘aha’ moment and something clicks for them, that’s really rewarding.

There are plenty of other boxing gyms in Vancouver – what differentiates Contenders?

The supportive community, the atmosphere is very welcoming.

Tell us about your teaching philosophy. Who were you mentors and biggest influencers?

I try to find the balance between encouraging and challenging when I teach. My fellow coaches are my biggest influences, I’m always trying to learn or improve on how I coach. Kevin and Richard have been great mentors.

Learn. Train. Contend. What does this mean?

I think the openness to learn is the most important part of fitness, and boxing. Everyone at each level has something they can pass along. It’s important not to get too comfortable or stuck in our ways.

What are the top three benefits you’ve seen your students achieve?

Confidence. Strength. Discipline.

Tell us something we don’t know about you.

Ask me to show you a card trick, I’m a card magician!

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