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  • Buy Boxing Lessons in Vancouver for a Friend

    If you have a friend who wants to learn how to box, you might be wondering how you can help. After all, it isn’t something that everyone knows how to do instinctively. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways in which you can help your friend learn the basics and develop their skills. There are numerou...
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  • Boxing with the Best Boxing Lessons Packs a Better Punch

    ‍If you’ve ever been hit by a boxing jab, hook or cross, you know how much they hurt. Or if you’ve ever thrown one yourself, you know how effective they can be. The power and precision of a well-executed left hook can floor an opponent in seconds. Boxing is also a great workout: hitting the b...
  • Boxing Lessons is Fun With a Partner

    An exciting sport that involves a lot of learning, boxing has rapidly gained traction as a popular hobby.  It makes it much more enjoyable when you have someone to share the experience with. If you’re new to the world of boxing or still figuring out how to make it fun as a duo, here are some reasons...
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  • Try Boxing Lessons in Downtown Vancouver Today

    ‍If you’re looking for a new way to stay in shape, why not try something completely different? Not every fitness routine needs to be boring and repetitive. Boxing lessons are a great way to keep things interesting and shake up your workout routine. With so many different types of classes avai...
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  • Vancouver boxing lessons is the best fitness!

    Are you looking for a way to get fit and have fun at the same time? Why not learn to box? Boxing is an excellent source of exercise and can be both challenging and enjoyable. If you’re interested in learning more about boxing, keep reading for details on Vancouver boxing lessons. A great way to tone...
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  • August 2022 – Quincy Iwai

    August’s Contender of the Month is Quincy Iwai. Quincy only recently started at the gym but has quickly made his mark at the gym both socially and athletically. Quincy frequents 2-3 classes a day, and has been are most frequent member for 2 months running. Check out our Q and A with him below....

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